Innocent Love

I love kids. Truly, I do. They can be annoyingly funny. They have this independent drive to do things, except tie their own shoe. They are loud and obnoxious but listen intently when you have a wild story to tell.

But the thing I love most about them is their innocent happiness and love. They don’t see the world like we do. Instead of a huge house payment, they see a home with clothes and food. When they see another kid who doesn’t “look” exactly like them, they see a friend.

I’ve worked in a number of daycares, children’s churches and schools. What I’ve noticed the most is that they all really do start out with that innocence. As they get older though, you start to see a little bit of their influences. You start to see what their parents or siblings believe. You start to hear who they look up to and what they’re saying. You start to see the judgement, the looks they give other kids who they were best friends with last year but now they’re afraid to touch.

It’s sad. It really is. But what’s even more sad is that they are learning this from US.  They are watching us. What we say. How we react to situations. They don’t see that innocent love in us, so why would they continue to have it?

With everything going on in our world today, we have to be the ones to show these kids in our homes, schools, churches and even streets what love and kindness looks like. And the only way to show them is to have it in us ourselves. In our actions and everything we do, we have to have that love and kindness. WE- their parents, teachers, neighbors, friends- WE have to show them that this world doesn’t have to be scary and selfish, but it can be a safe place. It can be a place of hope.

No matter what is going on in your life, in your city or our country, just think about that kid. Be the light for that kid. Show them that love and kindness can conquer all.


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