Not Today 

When I was having a rough day, questioning everything going on in my life and just kind of down in the dumps, one of my friends sent me a song to try to help. (Side note- having friends like this is SO important!! I had another friend today text me out of the blue to say that she was praying for me and loved me. Without even saying I needed encouragement, she just knew. I love my friends!) Anyways, the song is called Not Today by Hillsong UNITED. Seriously, go take a listen… after you’re finished listening to what I have to say though! 🙂 

The song truly spoke to me. I have been playing just a part of it over and over in my head. “Let the Devil know not today.” It’s been an anthem for me. When I wake up to my husbands obnoxious alarm when it’s my day to sleep in, when I’m struggling to be patient with my son, even when I’m having the best day! It’s a reminder to me that I choose how to take on life’s circumstances. 

I struggle with SO many things: body image, patience, stress over finances, looking back at the mistakes I made, worrying about the future, if I’m being a good wife, if I’m being a good mom.. the list could go on. BUT, I can make a choice. I can CHOOSE to let these insecurities define me, to have self pity, to live life with them on my shoulders, weighing me down. Or, I can CHOOSE to say “Nope, not today!” TODAY I will choose to be positive, to be a light that shines on those who need it, to not fret the small stuff, to show that I have Jesus inside me and that these BEAUTIFUL things will be the ones that define me and get me through the day. 

I’m not saying that because of this song I’m automatically the happy-go-lucky little miss ray of sunshine. Some mornings I wake up and even coffee can’t save me. But something happens during the day where my heart and head align and I say to myself “Nope, not today!” It’s a constant battle, but one I’m willing to fight.

Whatever it is that you’re battling, that is constantly weighing you down and taking away your light, first of all, know that Jesus is always here to help you take it on. Secondly, go listen to that song, and wake up tomorrow morning and say to yourself “Nope, not today!” 


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