Be an Exclamation Point

I love using an exclamation point. I was that person who used it excessively as a teen when I first got a Facebook and posted every 10 minutes about what I was doing. Now,  thank Jesus I am no longer that way, but, I do still believe that an exclamation point serves a good purpose.

Let me ask you this- what kind of text would you rather get back? “K” or “Okay!” Whether it be from a friend when you’re trying to make plans, or from your teenage kid when you tell them when to be home, I know for me at least, the latter is always the better. It shows excitement. It shows purpose. It shows they care.

And that is how I want to live my life.

I want to be the one that is always excited for whatever it is that I’m planning, and have it show! Excitement means radiating that beautiful joy that Jesus places in your heart.

I also want to have a purpose for everything that I do. I want to go to work for a purpose, to love on kids because that could be the only place they get it. I want to have a purpose when I talk to an old friend, to show that I still love them and am sincerely interested in their life.

I want everybody to know that I truly care about them and what they have to say. I care about their life. I care about what puts a smile on their face and brightens their day.

There’s never a time and place to use too many exclamation points. Just like there’s never a time and place to be over excited, to have too much of a purpose, or to care too much.

Be that exclamation point in someone’s life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


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