Do Your Thing

With mine and Drew’s 3 year anniversary coming up on Wednesday, and knowing how crazy our week is going to be, I decided to make a list today of advice that I’ve learned each year that may help other couples along their journey. 🙂

Ready for it?

  1. Do
  2. Your
  3. Thing

Do YOUR thing. Find what makes you work as a couple, and do it. I can’t tell you what is going to work for you and your significant other, because we’re all different and have different wants and needs. But I will say, if you’re truly putting the time and effort into each other and really fulfilling those wants and needs, I wholeheartedly believe any relationship can work.

Drew and I are basically the poster couple for “opposites attract.” He is CONSTANTLY wanting to be around people and can talk to anybody he runs into, while I just want to go and hide in a corner. I need a schedule of everything, and Drew just flies by the seat of his pants. Drew is a powerful singer and can play or learn just about any instrument with ease, while I on the other hand sound like a dying cat and can’t hold a rhythm. I love going on walks, but I have to drag him out of the door to get him to go. One of the biggest differences is that he’s a Packers fan and I’m a Bears fan, so football season can bring a lot of frustration and tears (mainly for me, but I love my Bears anyways.) So it’s really by the sweet grace of God that we ended up together. And it’s by even more of His grace and love that we’ve been able to “do our thing” for almost 3 years of marriage now.

I’m not going to lie and tell you it’s been a breeze and we’ve figured everything out. We still need to work on our communication. We are no where near being financially stable (truthfully I don’t know if anybody is ever there.) We still have our moments where we could kill each other. But at the end of the day, there is ALWAYS an endless amount of love and grace.

I’m sure many people thought we were crazy when we got married at 19 and 21, and we were- crazy IN LOVE that is! (Sorry, I had to.) But I would never take back this wild adventure that we’ve been on.

So, Drew, if you’re reading this while you’re at work, just know that I love you and you make everyday worth it. No matter where we’re at in our lives, you will always be my rock and my best friend. Thank you for putting up with my attitude and stubbornness and pushing me to follow my dreams.

And I think we “do our thing” pretty well, just saying. 😉


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