Jesus Loves Sinners

I have this feeling in my heart, one of those tugs I mentioned before. It’s telling me that there’s people out there that think they’re not good enough for Jesus’s love. That they’ve made a mistake and think that they don’t get another shot. Well I’m here to tell you, you with the weakened spirit, that Jesus’s love is everlasting- He doesn’t quit loving you, me, sinners. 

We’re all sinners. That’s why Jesus himself died for us- so that our sins could be forgiven. He knew we would mess up DAILY, but He still chose to be nailed to that cross, because of his love for us. 

How crazy is that, honestly?! I sit here blankly, trying to even obtain that. Trying to feel what He felt. Trying to picture that love, but I can’t. I love my husband so much, but Jesus loves him more. My son is my world, but he’s even more to Jesus. My love for kids and coffee is high up there, but Jesus’s love even surpasses that! I want with my whole heart to love people and show them the same love that Jesus has for us, but I can’t. I have a stubborn and selfish heart most days. Jesus’s love is endless and selfless. 

Like I said, we all sin and mess up daily. We have hate, are jealous, envious, are addicted to any worldly thing, we lust, we put everything else before God. We let our guard down so that Satan can tempt us and make us think less of ourselves. We try to fill that emptiness with anything, except what’s supposed to me there- Jesus. 

I truly think that we have such a hard time remembering that Jesus gives grace, because we have such a hard time giving that same grace to others, or even ourselves. We forget that we are all human, and automatically turn to hate and guilt. We forget that all we have to do is ASK for that grace, and He gives it to us. No strings attached. Nothing but love and grace and hope. 

So to you, who is feeling empty. Who is feeling shame. Who just needs something more, Jesus is there, with open arms, waiting for you. 


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