I got off work early today, and with the afternoon as beautiful and free as it was, I decided to take advantage of it and do things that Oliver would enjoy. 

We went on a walk. He has started pointing out different things that he sees, and I simply have to just tell them what they are. He hasn’t been talking much- just a bunch of “minion talk” and the occasional what sounds like (and we are really hoping for) “thanks!!” Every time I start telling him what the objects are, though, he looks up at me like he understands exactly what I’m saying.

When we got back, we went to Old Navy… okay, I know it’s not something Oliver would enjoy, more for me! But as soon as we walked into the store, he heard the music playing and instantly started doing his little dance of waving his arms up and down. This simple thing made him the best little boy in the store while I walked up and down the store, only to come up with nothing. 

Next, we went to the park. This was probably the highlight of his day, as he has learned how to navigate up the steps himself, with only the occasional fall with his short legs. He always likes to venture over to the “big kid” playground, so when he does, I am the overprotective mama who has to climb up there with him, just in case. He crossed over the bridge to the double slide, and waited patiently for me to catch up and hold his hand while we both took a slide and glided down. We did this about 50 times, each time going the same as the last. But every time as we went down, I took a peak over at him and his half scared/half having the time of his life grin on his face. Simply amused.

The final event for Oliver’s day was bath time. He could probably spend hours in the tub if we let him. He has a set of animals that he plays with, and he has been lining them up on the edge of the tub. Every time he does this, he looks up at me, waiting to tell him the animals name and what sound they make. Last night he did the same thing, but this time, he simply mimicked back “Tiger! Rawrrr.” 

You see, to make Oliver the happiest little boy, I didn’t need to do much. I didn’t need to take him to some extraordinary playground. I didn’t need to buy him a new toy. I didn’t even need to get the kid ice cream. All he wanted was simplicity. To spend time with his mom without the tv or phone in front of them. To laugh and learn new things. To be a boy and get dirty. 

I say this a lot, but that boy teaches me something new every stinking day. I don’t know why I look for such complex and hard to get things. When right here in front of me, is a simple, beautiful life. 

From the cup of coffee in the morning, to the sit-down family dinner we have maybe once a week. There are so many simple things that can make my heart happy. But I have to choose to see them. I have to choose to let them be my world. I have to choose to see life the way Oliver does. 

See the simplicity in your life. Love it. Live it. Let it shine. ✨


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