Seasons Change

“Seasons change, but Your love remains.”

I like to think the seasons in our lives are a lot like the seasons we experience year around. (Disclaimer: This is mainly directed  at Iowa/Midwest weather aka the best weather, #sorrynotsorry.) Fall is like the calm, refreshing period where you are thankful for the things that you have and want to live in this moment forever. But then comes winter. Winter sneaks up unexpectedly, coming at you like a wrecking ball (or snow ball), freezing your heart and soul. It makes you want to hide under the covers and never come out. When you’re starting to think that there’s no end in sight, spring awakens you and beems that bit of light and hope…. for about a week in March, only for the sun to stop shining again and back to your little depressing hole you go. When spring, and I mean actual spring, does finally come, you’re still getting rained on. You’re hopelessly waiting for this storm to end, so you can blossom and shine bright again. When that time does come, summer is here and you F E E L that happiness and joy take over your world again. You are awakened with that warm (and humid) air, with no cares in the world. 

And then you do the same cycle over, and over, and over again. 

You see, our seasons of life are so much like what I just described. There’s the season where you feel refeshed, ready to take on what is to come. It could be starting a new journey in life- marriage, parenthood, school. Whatever it is, it’s EXCITING and POWERFUL. But then something hits you, hard– losing a job. Losing a family member. Being a broke college kid. It takes you deeper and deeper down into self pity and doubt. It seems like no matter what you do, you can’t catch a break. Then when you’re at your lowest, something snaps where you see the glimmer of light again. You know that whatever you’re going through will change you and make you better. Smarter. Stronger. It’s not an easy season, but it’s one that’s necessary for growth. And when you FINALLY get to that point where you have conquered that mountain in front of you, you can dance and love again. Your smile shines bright and your mind is clear of all fear and disappointment.

These seasons happen for a reason- sometimes reasons that you may not see. But no matter what season you’re in, God is there. His love wraps around you, whether you want it or not. He is there when you’re happy, sad, hopeful, broken, full of joy, full of hate. His love is everlasting. 

Seasons change. You will change. Be thankful and love when you can. When you feel like giving up, fight harder. Seek the light. Smile often. 

And know that His love remains through it all. 


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