The Not-So Glamorous Life

I’ll be up front with you right away, and say that we couldn’t afford to go to the pumpkin patch this year. Luckily, we had a Papa who grew his own pumpkins and gave us 5 little ones- FOR FREE. Instead of buying a $20 monster pumpkin that Drew always thinks we need, we settled with taking Oliver’s picture with our little ones on our front step.

I know, going to the pumpkin patch is about spending time as a family and making experiences fun with Oliver. I really was sad that we couldn’t go. I was sad because I felt like we had let him down. I was sad because I wanted to be like every other family who got to take their children on that magical adventure.

But then I remembered, we chose this life. We knew what we were getting into when we got married at 19&21, had a kid a year later, and then bought a house that we probably got in over our heads with. We knew that going into this lifestyle, we wouldn’t always have the most glamorous life. We knew frozen pizzas and chicken strips would be most of our meals. We knew that $5 movies were “date nights.” We knew that we wouldn’t always be able to have “fun” and do the things we wanted.

Now don’t get me wrong, we have had moments where we were on top of the world and had everything figured out. We have been able to take road trips and go to (somewhat) fancy dinners. We have been able to do little things here and there to our house. We could afford to buy clothes that weren’t just on Target’s clearance section.

But then life hits us with something the next month, and we’re back to feeling like the young family who can’t catch a break.

It’s frustrating, It’s draining- mentally and physically.

Sometimes, I look at the lives that the Kardashians live and fall into the deep pit of comparison. I think “Wow, how FREAKING easy life would be if we could have this, this, this, this and this with a drop of a million dollars and not a care in the world.” But then I realize that their glamorous lives are not made for me. I would punch the first person who tried to get in my face with a camera. My soft heart couldn’t take the constant criticism and ridiculous tabloid stories. I couldn’t NOT go out in public in a pony tail and sweatpants. I realize, that I love and need my peacefully simple life.

Obviously, we would like to get to the point in our lives where we CAN afford to take our child to the pumpkin patch. That seems like a pretty easy goal to achieve.


No matter where we are in our lives, I know that it will never be picture perfect. I know that we will still have mountains to climb. We will have our good months and our bad.

And we will continue to rock this not-so glamorous life.


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