New Beginnings 

Our family has gone through a few changes in the last month. Scary at times. Stress upon stress constantly. But for good. 

My husband, Drew, got let go from his job earlier this month. I’m not going to get into the why, because that’s not the point. What you do need to know is, he was working a job for two years that was mentally and physically not good for him. I knew it. He knew it. But we didn’t do anything about it because it provided for our family. It was “good enough” money to get us by. 

Basically, we put our comfort (and maybe even love) for money before Drew’s happiness. 

And I’m here to tell you, DON’T.

Don’t you dare tell yourself that you need to “suck it up” and waste your time and life at somewhere you are not happy. Because you could be missing out on what you are called to do! 

Drew started his new job today as a Para Educator… at the same school as me! (We’re working at opposite grade levels. Which is good- I love my husband, but not enough to work side by side with him everyday 😉.) But I see a new beginning for him. He already gets to teach teens about Jesus at church, now he gets a chance to teach teens in a whole new setting. This is something he has passion for- I can already see it in his eyes and stories he told after his first day. 

Don’t let the fear of change keep you from what you’re heart is wanting. 

There are new beginnings all around; take that leap of faith and find your happiness.


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