Two Years Too Fast

It’s our little Ollie Man’s birthday today! Two years have gone in a whim…

I still remember the day like it was yesterday. (Don’t worry, I won’t go into too much of the gory detail.) I woke up at 6:00 on a Monday morning with- what I thought was- the WORST cramps in the world. I woke Drew up, called my mom, and off we went to the hospital, thinking, “This is it. It’s time!!” I was terrified, obviously. But I was also a little relieved because I was 3 days early and super uncomfortable.

I didn’t know what to expect when I got to the hospital. But the LAST thing I thought would happen… was send me home!! Yeah, I was in pain. But I guess not “enough” pain. I was only dilated at a 2 and didn’t seem to be showing any signs of progress. So, instead of keeping me there in a bed for what could be a couple days, they told me to go home and try to work through it there. Basically, they didn’t think he would be coming today. Talk about a let down.

So, I sent Drew back to work and my mom stayed with me. (I figured with her experience, she would be able to help a little more than Drew and his constant asking “What about now?!”) I attempted to sleep, I took a bath, I kept moving… anything to get the process moving along. The more time went on, the more I could barely talk, or breathe for that matter, because of the pain. Literally NOTHING will ever compare to that pain.

Finally, at about 4:00 I’d had enough. My contractions were about 3-4 minutes apart and I couldn’t even walk on my own. I called Drew, he rushed home and off we went to the hospital for the 2nd time. I didn’t even call my midwife to let her know I was on my way, which I feel a little bad for now. I’m sure a heads up would have been nice. But let me say, she was the BEST person I could have had through this whole experience. She was calm. She didn’t talk too much or ask many questions, just answered mine and was just there for me.

Fast forward to 7:36 on that Monday night, and Oliver Maxwell Doland made his arrival.

Fast forward to 2 years later, and I can’t even begin to tell you what all he has done for our little family. So much love. So much fight. Even the sleepless nights and screaming fits during the day, these were the best days of mine and Drews lives. Because it made us see what was really important. It made us want to live our best lives and give everything we have to each other. No, it hasn’t been easy. But it’s worth it. My only regret was wishing away those “tough” days. Wishing that he could just feed himself. Wishing that he would just sleep. Wishing that he would start walking, talking, being a “fun” kid. Don’t get me wrong, I love the spunky little boy we have right now. But what I would give to just have one more moment to hold that precious little boy.

Two years has already gone by so fast. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us, for Oliver.

But for now, I will choose to love every bit of him. His soft heart and love for everyone, just like his daddy. Even his stubborn, independent, “I’ll do what I want when I want to” attitude that he’s already gotten from his mama.

So here’s to year 2, and all of the tantrums that will come with it. 😅


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