Worth It

We started a new series in youth group last night titled, “Not Enough.” To start it out, Drew talked about the feeling of worthlessness. He asked the students to raise their hand if they have ever felt worthless, and I have to say I was overwhelmed with how many kids raised their hands.

It really shouldn’t have surprised me the amount of kids who have felt some sort of worthless; it’s easy to feel like you’re not enough. But to see the range of kids- the jocks, the musicians, the boys who don’t alway show feelings, the girls from the broken homes, those who seem to have it “all together.” Whether it be one time they can recall or every single day, these kids have felt the lowest of lows, lonely, depressed, w o r t h l e s s.

I’m saddened to say that this feeling of worthlessness that these students are battling falls back on US. Their leaders, parents, teachers. The people they look up to and go to for advice. We have to be the ones to tell them how WORTH IT they are. We have to show them the love of Jesus, who died on the cross for us- because we were WORTH IT.

Not every kid is going to open up and say out loud how worthless they feel. Most of them have been taught to keep their emotions bottled up, that its not okay to show vulnerability. They’re not always going to show the signs of depression. They’re not always going to show signs of rebelling. They may go about their day as normal as they can, but only until they reach their breaking point. My point is, you have to show this love to EVERY KID. Every teenager or kid that you come into contact with needs to know that they are loved, cherished, and are every bit worth it in your eyes.


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