Wake Up Call

I had a bit of a wake up call this morning.

I haven’t been feeling totally “right” lately during this pregnancy. Once or twice a week I found myself getting hot and dizzy, whether it be at work or at home. I just thought it was part of my pregnancy and didn’t think twice about it.

Until this morning, when I passed out at work.

On my way to see the doctor, I had all of these thoughts going through my head. There’s something wrong with the baby. There’s something wrong with me. There’s something WRONG.

But after checking me and the baby over, everything was perfectly NORMAL. Perfect heart rate. Perfect blood pressure. I even got the stupid finger prick, just to find my blood sugar was near perfect.

So what the heck was wrong??

Well, me. My mindset. My way of living out this pregnancy.

After asking me what I had had to eat this morning, I embarrassingly answered with “Um, a pop tart and coffee…”


I realized right then and there that I was doing this to myself.

They explained to me that I need to be eating more protein and less carbs. Which, honestly, I knew. I knew that I hadn’t been doing a very good job with my eating habits. Even without being pregnant, a lot of my eating habits included bread and sweets and pasta and more sweets. I would LIVE off of bread and sweets if I could. But that’s the thing, I can’t.

You always hear these comments while pregnant, “You’re pregnant, eat what you want!” “You’re eating for two!” “Listen to what the baby wants!” And its SO easy to get into that mindset. And some women can do that while pregnant, ALL POWER TO THEM! But again, I realized, I can’t do that. My body was trying to tell me that. And I wasn’t listening.

Instead I got caught up in what I wanted. What I wanted to eat- donuts and pop tarts for breakfast. Gummy bears for my late night snack. I even got caught up in the fact that I can’t, or don’t want to, cook actual meals. I got lazy. Instead of meal planning, I decided that Mac and Cheese or frozen pizzas would do, because they’re easier with a toddler running around and Drew working a second job. Grocery shopping even became a, “What do I want?”, instead of “What do I NEED?”

It also hit me that I was not only doing this to myself, but also to my sweet little girl inside of me. You’re right, I AM eating for two. I’m eating for another little human- and THAT should make me want to eat better. Not only for myself, but for her too.

I’m not at all saying that I’m going to just give up on my love of carbs and sweets ( I don’t think I could live.) But I know I need to lessen those and eat healthier. I need to take care of myself, and my baby. But most of all, I need to listen to my body. I need to know when something just isn’t right, instead of just brushing it off in hopes that it’ll just go away. Because this body IS GROWING ANOTHER HUMAN.- Still blows my mind.

Also, if you have any good breakfast and dinner meals that you think could help this mama out, I would so appreciate it. 🙂


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