Get Out of Your Boat

Drew spoke at an event over the weekend, and let me tell yuh, he didn’t just speak to everybody else in the room. He spoke right to me, too.

I wish I could word everything perfectly the way he did. But when he’s in that moment, of God using him, his words just piece together so much better than I ever could. So bare with me as I try.

He spoke about the story of Jesus walking on water. Peter and the other disciples were in a boat in the middle of a storm, and that’s when Jesus came.They were all terrified, and Peter said that if it was really Jesus, then to let him come to him, also walking on the water. All Jesus had to say was, “Yes, come.” and Peter did. Of course, he got scared and started to sink and had to call on Jesus to save him. Meanwhile, all of the other disciples were still just sitting in the boat. They didn’t even try to have faith, like Peter. They stayed in their boat, in the middle of the storm.

Long story short, I am the disciples. Just sitting in my boat. Awaiting the storm to pass.

I lack faith at times. Most times, actually. I don’t see the good that Jesus is until after the storm has passed, and He has saved me from sinking once again. I don’t even try to get out of my boat and let Him lead the way. I don’t trust that He will be there, his hand RIGHT THERE waiting for me to take the leap. The boat is like my comfort zone. My little bubble that I can rest in while the storms of life hit me. I really, really like my comfort zone bubble.

But I can’t go anywhere. I’m stuck, sitting, waiting. Anxiously and worrisome.

I don’t know what is to come. In the next years, months, weeks, days. I sit and ponder all that COULD happen. But while I’m waiting, I’m not doing anything. I’m rocking back and forth. No steps forward, no steps back. Just sitting in my comfortable, but lack of faith, life.

And I’m done.

There’s no point in staying in this boat in the middle of the storms. I need to get my butt up, have faith, and KNOW that God will be right there, holding my hand through it.

I don’t know how long some of these storms will last. But I’m not going to just sit and wait  it out. I’m not going to let my life pass on, waiting for something to be handed to me, because it’s not.

I need to get out of my boat.


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