“You are good.”

We use this phrase quite often when talking about our God. We praise Him with it. We worship and sing to Him. But have you ever really thought about what it means?

As I asked myself this question throughout the week, I realized this: God’s goodness is something that cannot be explained. It can’t be measured or compared to anything else. We really can’t even fathom what His goodness does to us.

His goodness is a lot like His love- He wraps it around us and never lets go. As humans,  we may not always be able to see it. In the circumstances in our lives, we forget that His goodness is still there- in the good, bad and ugly. His goodness endures forever!

My heart wants to be able to see the good in everything. I want to look out of the window and see our first real spring day (FINALLY) and say that He is good. But I also want to be able to look at my life right now, with all of the unknowns and question marks, and say that He is STILL good. Just because my mind can’t see all of the goodness happening, doesn’t mean it’s not there. We have to be able to set aside our wants and worries and know that no matter what, He is faithful and He is GOOD!

Ask yourself this question, everyday: Why is He good? Write it down. Keep record of all of the good things He has done or is doing. Share it with others, so they can also see and feel His goodness.

Let the world know that He is good.




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