All Your promises are yes and amen.

These words have been on repeat in my head for days, maybe even weeks. Not just because I love the song, but because I am believing in them.

God is faithful. I know that. I have seen it. I have felt it. I know He is constantly working in my life, in the life of my family. I am holding out on His promise that He is going to take care of us. That He is going to open doors that I didn’t even know were there. I am waiting for His peacefully silent “Yes.”

I started this blog for my voice. To be able to get out what is on my heart and what I want to say, but some(many) times too afraid to say out loud. But it has grown to be more. It has grown to be the voice of so many others- mothers, sisters, teen girls, lost souls. Those who may be reading this right now and saying “Me Too.” Those who need hope while they wait for their own doors to open.

This is God’s faithfulness. This is where it begins. Using my voice to shine a light to others. Using His words through me, for you. I may not know right now where this is going to take me, but I do know that God will be faithful through it. He will take me places I never even knew I could go, as long as I keep giving the glory to Him. With every heart healed. With every “Me Too” moment. That is how He is faithful.

Faithful You are. Faithful forever You will be.


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