What is my purpose here?

What is my call to do?

What path am I supposed to take?

Those are the questions that consumed my mind last night as I was trying to sleep. I had three “paths” in my head that I couldn’t figure out which one I was supposed to take. Three completely different plans that were what I was supposed to do next. So, I did what I thought I should do, and I asked God to show me which path I should take. Which one is my future? Which one do you have me going down?

Instead of pointing out which one of MY paths I was supposed to travel down, He showed me a fourth path. One that didn’t show what I was doing, where I was going, what I was supposed to be doing. At this point, I was human, and thought “Oh, you didn’t hear me right! I said which one of the THREE paths am I supposed to take?” So, again, I closed my eyes, expecting God to choose one of those three paths. Well, guess what?! He showed me that same fourth path. The empty one, full of questions, concerns, and worries.

I was upset. Why can’t You just make this easy on me? Why can You not just TELL me what I’m supposed to be doing? My anxious, doubting thoughts started consuming my mind again.

But then that fourth path popped into my mind again. This time, instead of all of the negative thoughts that crept up on me, I saw light. A shining, small, but peaceful light. I felt God in that moment. Not a physical touch, but a presence that could only be Him. A calming gesture that told me that I am not to worry. He’s got a plan far greater than any of my own.

That’s the sweet thing about purpose- it’s not OUR purpose, but HIS purpose for US. His plan, not our own. His path. His story. All for us.

His path can be scary. It can start out with denial, doubt, and every other emotion that our human hearts allow in. But it can also, no, it WILL lead us down the path of hope, joy, peace, happiness and His purpose. It may take some uphill climbing and pouring rain from time to time, but it will end in a shining light that comes from only Him.


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