Silent Battle

The news of Demi Lovato being hospitalized due to an apparent overdose has hit me harder than I thought it would. Maybe it’s because I grew up watching her. Maybe it’s because I have continued to follow her through her battle of mental illness and addiction and how open she has been about it in order to help those who are also struggling. Whatever the reason, the comments people are making are driving me to speak up about it.

“She has all of the money in the world, how can she be so depressed all of the time?”

“She has such an incredible gift, why is she wasting it on drugs and alcohol?”

“Why did she not go get help if she relapsed again?”

Because she’s human.

Because no matter how much money and talent she had, she was still fighting a silent battle. One that, even though she has been so open and honest about, can still drive you to a deep, dark valley. You can put on a strong face for the world to see but behind closed doors and inside your heart and mind, you are completely empty. Looking for things that will fill that hole, even for just a moment.

These silent battles are happening everywhere around you. In your home, in our churches and schools, maybe even in yourself.

We have to be better. We have to love and love and love some more. We have to pray that our Mighty God will cover these hurting people with His love and that their aching hearts will accept His open arms. We have to show kindness in the smallest places because that could be when it’s needed most. Show them that their silent battles can be overcome and that when they see just that glimpse of light, that pillar of hope, to run straight towards it. There will be high highs and low lows along the way, but when we stand together, running this race hand in hand, there will be more love at the end of that tunnel.

Love. Be kind. Speak up for those who need it.


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