Jesus’s Love

When I first gave my heart to the Lord when I was sixteen, I had this completely wrong and hypocritical thinking that because I was now a Christian, I should do only “Christian-like” things  and be around only “Christian-like” people. I thought that I shouldn’t talk to certain people because they swore. I thought I shouldn’t hang out with certain people because they led a different lifestyle. I thought people who grew up in not the best home-life were below me. For the lack of better words, I thought I was too “good” for most people.

Looking back now, I am so, so heartbroken about that part of my life.

Because that’s not Jesus.

Jesus would be the one to befriend the ones that nobody would. Jesus would be the one trying to reach the broken hearted who are filling their lives with addictions to replace the emptiness. Jesus would love the people who didn’t seem like they even wanted it. He didn’t surround himself with only people who believed the same things He did, but also with the ones who didn’t.

I preach so hard to the teens now about their high school lives. That now is the BEST time to spread the love and light of Jesus. To the ones who don’t have someone to sit with at lunch. To the ones with a different background. To the ones that you would never think about even talking to. Because the time is now. You don’t want to look back years later and regret every chance you had to reach the broken hearted because you were too scared, embarrassed, or prideful.

Jesus’s love is so graceful. It’s not judgmental and only wants the best for the person receiving it. It’s the best kind of hug and the only way to actually fulfill that hole in your heart. Show that kind of love to every kid, everyday.


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