Mama J’s Snow Day

Hi again!

I know my blog posts have been absent for a few months now. As a lot of you know, I went back to school in January to get my degree in Elementary Education!

As exciting as this new journey has been, it has also left me with very little free time to just sit down and write. I am still working during the day as a para educator, and then 2 times a week from 5:30-10 PM going to class. Throw in a couple kids, typical house work, groceries, and attempting to still get in at least 6 hours of sleep, and you can see how I don’t exactly have much time to do anything else.

And I am not complaining one bit.

Having such a tight schedule may seem miserable to some, but I’ve realized that it’s what actually keeps my life together. I love the planning. I love the business. I forgot how much I actually LOVE school! (Minus the public speaking, that part I don’t think I’ll ever get over.)I am still able to write- just papers on  different subjects. I have a love/hate relationship with the anxiety over testing and waiting for grades to be posted. Because I second guess myself so much that I typically think I bombed whatever assignment I just did, only to see that I still have that A grade in me.

It has been keeping me accountable to spend my time wisely. Not only with homework and studying, but with my family as well. Instead of sitting on the couch all night, most likely on my phone or Netflix, I know that I only get this short of time with my kids, so I’m going to use it up as much as I can. Yes, it’s hard not being there to put them to bed twice a week. It’s hard staying up until 11:00 each night getting my work done, because I waited until the kids went  to bed to start. But I have to remind myself that as long as I’m giving them my attention and time when I have it, then I’m still being a good mom. This is only a short 2(ish) years of a schedule like this, so I’m just going to get through it with a lot of grace and ambition to be the best I can be with what time I have.

I say all of that to tell you this, it’s never too late to go after what you want. Even if you’ve tried and failed once before. Even if you don’t think you’ll have the time, the money, the energy or support…. trust me, you do. You’ll still be a great wife. You’ll still be a great mom. Your dream isn’t over just because you’ve stepped off the path for a little bit. You just have to step out and do it.



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