Glass Half Full

I haven’t had a whole lot of time to write, as life has just gotten busy. But something happened this past weekend that has given me all the time in the world to just sit here and think.

On Friday afternoon, just as school was getting out, Drew said he had gotten sick and needed to get right home. I immediately thought “Oh great, another batch of the flu for this year.”

That night he continued to throw up and started getting some stomach pain. He wanted to get checked out, as this didn’t feel like just the ordinary stomach flu. The kids were already asleep, so his mom came to take him to the emergency room. I can only say what happened there from their point of view. They said it was very busy, as it typically is on the weekends. He had to wait an hour and a half before he was even seen. From there, after explaining what he was experiencing, they put him on fluids and gave him some pain medication. They took an X-RAY, but didn’t see any blockage. He continued to complain about the pain, so they gave him some higher pain medication. That just put him to sleep. When he woke up, they told him he can leave, as it was probably just food poisoning or a GI.

Saturday was a bit better, as he wasn’t throwing up anymore. He was still in pain, though, so he continued to just lay in bed.

Then on Sunday morning, when I thought everything was getting better, he started just screaming in pain. He could barely move as he was laying on the floor. I’ll be completely honest and say that I thought he was being a little overdramatic about having food poisoning. But when Oliver tried to go up to him and said “It’s going to be okay, Drew.” (He has been calling him Drew, which I find a little funny but Drew does not.” He then tried to hug him and barely touched Drew’s right side, which made Drew scream even more. I knew something was really wrong then, as he never yells at Oliver like that.

The next few hours are a blur for me. Once we got him back to the ER, they got him hooked up to fluids again and ordered a CT. I left at that time to grab a few things from home, as they said it could be 3-4 hours before they get the results from that back. When I returned, though, Drew was a little out of it, but said that they already knew it he had appendicitis and it had possibly burst already. Sure enough, once the CT results came back they confirmed that’s what it was and they needed to get him up to surgery right away.

After what seemed like hours of waiting, his surgeon said that he had made it through surgery and they got everything out that they could. It was really, really bad, they said, describing it like a “bomb had went off inside of him.” They were prepared for an infection to take place, as there was a lot of big words that I don’t remember that happened inside of him. Sure enough, he has Sepsis, which I only know as an infection in his blood stream and it can be really, really bad.

They won’t give us a timeline of when he has the possibility of getting out, as they don’t want to set any expectations. Basically he has a checklist of things he has to accomplish to even get out of here, and even then he will likely have 4-6 weeks of restrictions.

I say all of this, sitting in the hospital for the third or fourth, I’ve lost track now. I am never one to complain, especially when it comes to somebody’s job. I know that people make mistakes and have off days. But my mind, and I know Drew’s mind, just keeps going back to the fact that this could have been take care of on Friday, when he first came in. They can’t say for 100% certainty, but by how he was on Sunday, there is a high chance that his appendix was inflamed on Friday, and we could have avoided it bursting and the mess of it if somebody would have actually listened to Drew. They could have done more tests. They could have done anything else, instead of just sending him home on bedrest.

It is mentally and physically exhausting. I try to keep my spirits up for Drew, as I can only imagine how he is feeling right now. I try to keep that glass-half-full mindset- that he is alive. That we did get here in time. That he is in a place where they are doing all they can do get him better. That we have a huge support system that has been a blessing to us and doing everything they can.

But it is hard. It is frustrating. It is discouraging. It is heart breaking. Every emotion runs through your body at every given moment of the day. I beat myself up for not listening to him at first. For not pushing harder. What could have been if had had gotten it out right away. To know now that he has an infection to fight off now on top of everything. To know that even after he does get out, he will have another 4-6 weeks of restrictions.

It’s just hard.

But we can only pray that his mind, body and spirit continue to rise and get better. We can only continue to hope that his body will fight and no matter what, he knows that he will get better. He knows that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Please, just continue to pray and keep Drew in your thoughts. If you have a word of encouragement, send it to him.



  1. Jordan, the very same thing happened to me. Allen Hospital did an x-ray (when they should have done an ultrasound) & after 36 hours, my appendix burst. Gangrene had set in by the time I went into surgery, & it was a very scary & painful experience. I was in the hospital for 8 days because of the infection, & I kept thinking, like you, how it could have been avoided or certainly been prevented from getting as bad as it got. I SO sympathize with Drew, & pray that he has a speedy recovery.


  2. Jordan
    Praying for Drew, you, and the little ones. May you experience the absolute certainty that God is in control; and His love for you is beyond measure.
    Christa & Bob


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