Another Side to Mama J

Typically you hear the side of me that needs to share my heart and hear my emotions and struggles. For those who actually know me, you know there is another side of Mama J… and that is the awkward, cringy, forgetful, blonde moment side.

During this time of our lives right now, I figured you all could use a little laugh, even if it’s at the expense of me. So, I present to you: A life into Mama J (and this is just this last few weeks.)

Let’s start with the biggest event that has taken place just this week. I finally told Drew about it today because I had to get it out.

During class on Monday night, the instructor told us we had to find an article and do a paper/presentation about it. She shared a Google Spreadsheet for us to write down our article and then our name next to it so we knew which ones not do to. Once I found my article, I typed it into the spreadsheet. Before writing my name, though, I went back to the article to make sure I spelled it correctly and had the write title. When I went back to the Spreadsheet… another student had put their name next to MY article. In a state of a little rage and not thinking… I deleted their name and wrote mine in instead. Now, for those who don’t know Google spreadsheet, EVERYONE can see what you’re doing… when you’re typing, who’s typing, when you’re DELETING SOMEONE’S NAME AND WRITING YOUR OWN. It wasn’t until after I had done this that I realized that this student literally just watched me delete their name and put mine in. I mean, I found the article, so it should be mine, right?! But, thinking back at it, I don’t think they saw me put the article name in, and probably just saw it there and figured it was free. So, instead of just being a nice person and finding a different article, or even explaining myself after I did it, I did NOTHING. I sat there wanting to explode at what I had just done… and said nothing. Not even after class. Not even the next day when we had another class together. I have said nothing… and more than likely won’t every speak of this to that student. Even though it has literally kept me up at night, I think about it throughout the day and get red in the face and just CRINGE and want to crawl in a hole and die.

Now that that is out in the open, here are just a few other things that I will think about years later and embarrass myself all over again.

On my morning walk, I walked by someone else. They said “Good morning!” and what came out of my mouth was “Good Hello!” (In my defense I had my headphones in.)

MULTIPLE times I have been going through the drive-thru, and as the worker is handing me my coffee/food, they say “Enjoy your ____!” and I say “Thanks! You Too!” The entire drive home I think about the fact that they probably won’t be enjoying the coffee/food they gave me. I also pray the next time I go through it will not be the same worker.

While on the phone scheduling an appointment, instead of saying “Hi, I would like to schedule an appointment.” I blurted “Please, Hi appointment please!” (I hung up the phone and called them back the next day after practicing what I’m supposed to say. This is why I avoid making appointments completely.)

Now, some more blonde/forgetful/I blame it one the lack of sleep part of Mama J

I accidentally washed my hair with body wash and didn’t realize until I had gotten out of the shower and didn’t feel like getting back in to wash it out…. and didn’t wash my hair for 3 more days after that.

I started the Keurig to pour my coffee… without a mug underneath it.

I poured milk into the kid’s bowls instead of their cups several times. One time they had already had their breakfast containing pop tarts or yogurt in them.

On multiple occasions I have put laundry into the washer, poured soap into it… and then forgot to start the washer. Happens with the dryer too.

That’s all for now! I hope, if anything, you have gotten a good laugh at my embarrassing moments and this puts you in the mood to finish the work week off strong! 🙂



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